FREE – 7 Steps to Getting More Yeses – NLP workshop

May 19, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
San Mateo County Association of REALTORS

Hosted by: Better Homes & Garden JFF – Opern to All. (49 SEATS ALREADY TAKEN – RSVP now to secure yours while seats are available).

7 Steps to Getting More Yese is an NLP model that will help you get someone to take action and/or have the choose you.

Master the Art of Rapport, Get the Results You Desire, Dramatically Improve Your Real Estate Business…Improve EVERY Area of Your Life and Get More Yeses!
Unlock Your Full Potential & Wake Up to a New You

If you are not aware, NLP is about subconscious communication…how you influence people with your motions, voice, questions, response, and certian words…to say YES or not. Are you getting a lot of let me think about it? Or, I’ll get back to you? …if yes, you want to attend and discover what you may be doing that is limiting your success.

Experience a mind expanding business growing Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) workshop:
• Affect people at a deeper level and create deeper connections
• Communicate your message more elegantly and effectively so people understand you
• Gain peoples respect and someone who those opinion is more valued
• Increase your success offering the right products or services to clients and reduce ‘buyer’s/seller’s remorse or procrastination’
• Create the building block for YOUR success: gain more agreement and become more influential in your communication
• Become much more likeable, Become a leader and Enhance Your Reputation
• Increase your success because of your new communication skills

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Please share with anyone that can benefit.